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Premier League Tickets: Buying Guide to the World's Most Popular Soccer League [Part 1]

The Premier League is one of the most diverse soccer leagues in the world, bringing millions of people together with a shared passion.  If you’re considering a trip to a Premier League game, here’s how you can get closer to the action and buy tickets for Premier League matches!

If you are looking to buy tickets for Premier League matches you should always buy them directly from Premier League Clubs.  

Long story short - resale of Premier League tickets is not allowed, unless from authorized re-sellers or as part of a package from authorized re-sellers.

If you buy your tickets from an unofficial re-seller, aka a ticket tout, many people have experienced the following:
  • Tickets were fake and they were not allowed entry
  • Tickets were cancelled
  • Did not receive a match ticket at all
  • Tickets were for the opposing fans’ area of the stadium
  • Bank details and other personal information were compromised
  • Even if a ticket is packaged with hospitality, travel and/or accommodation that does not mean that the seller is authorised to sell such packages with tickets included.
Since Premier League matches are always very popular it can be hard for Americans (and others who don't live in the UK) to get tickets.  It is even sometimes necessary to be a member to be able to apply for tickets at some of the soccer clubs or for some of the higher profile fixtures.

Premier League Tickets
To buy tickets or at least starting to researching buying tickets, I would start here: Premier League Tickets

Premier League tickets not available? --> Consider Purchasing a Hospitality Package

One of the ways to secure tickets (albeit a more expensive way) is to purchase a Hospitality Package.  A Hospitality Package combines a ticket with a museum tour, tour of the stadium, special lounge access, food and/or other benefits.

Since certain matches are always in great demand, it is sometimes necessary to be a member in order to apply for tickets.  Hospitality packages are another option for non-members and for international fans.  This is the option I had to select to get tickets to a Chelsea game last year.

My Experience
Based on my own experience as an American trying to purchase Premier League tickets, I found it difficult and expensive to get tickets, but the overall game and experience made up for it as it was well worth it to me being a kid who grew up playing soccer and watching on tv!

But sometimes you just can’t get that ticket, either because it’s a big game, it’s late in the process, or it’s one of those clubs where it is just about impossible, no matter what – Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea Liverpool and Arsenal come to mind.