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Premier League Tickets: Chelsea Hospitality Packages [Part 2]

In Part 1 of my Premier League Ticket guide, I discussed the main way of securing tickets to the most in demand soccer league in the World and how your only option (for Americans and International visitors) may be to purchase a Hospitality Package.

You should always buy tickets directly from Premier League Clubs, as I discussed in Part 1.  Most clubs categorize matches, so look out for lower grade matches, where availability is usually higher for first-time fans.  

Since Premier League matches are always popular (higher profile fixtures, derbies, etc), securing tickets may may require a Club membership.  Becoming a member is usually affordable as a one-off purchase and can provide benefits like priority access to tickets, but based on my experience this option didn't work for me and I didn't see the value of buying a membership to attend only one game.

Chelsea Hospitality Packages
Hospitality packages offer an unforgettable day out and are often available on general sale.  Since most regular tickets get reserved and bought by club members and sell out well in advance for the most popular teams, this option may be the only way to check out a match.  There are typically different levels/price points available for hospitality packages, but typically include match tickets as well as a number of extras, ranging from food and drink, car parking, souvenir match programs, souvenir gifts, and tours all matching the quality of soccer you'll see out on the field!

I started researching how I could get tickets for a Premier League game approximately 6 months from the date of our trip and found availability limited for our dates we would be in London for all of the teams that home games in the great London area.

I finally settled on attending a local premier league derby game, Chelsea vs. Fulham, at Stamford Bridge.  The other game I was interested in was a much bigger derby, Arsenal vs. Tottenham, and ticket prices were astronomically higher for packages.

Chelsea Hospitality Packages are easy to understand and offer a lot of different price points depending on the level of service and extra that come with the ticket.  Most people will likely be deciding on the following packages:
  • 1905 Club
  • UTB Sports Lounge
  • Matchday at the Museum
Matchday at the Museum 
After comparing the above three packages in terms of pricing and what was being offered, I settled on the Matchday at the Museum Package which included the following:
  • Luxury padded seats located in the West Stand upper tier towards the goal line
  • Unreserved seating within the Chelsea Museum pre-game
  • Savoury refreshments on arrival
  • A pre-match behind-the-scenes mini tour
  • Photo opportunity with major trophies Chelsea has one in years past  
  • An interactive Chef’s table
  • A complimentary bar including beer, wine and soft drinks
  • Drink vouchers redeemable in the West Stand upper tier concourse at half-time
  • Official matchday programme and teamsheet for all guests
  • An exclusive Chelsea gift - we were gifted a very nice (and expensive looking) Chelsea pen
  • An exclusive appearance from a Chelsea legend
Ono the day of the game, you should arrive at the Museum at at the time indicated for light snacks, before your mini stadium tour.  The tour includes a visit to the tunnel and pitchside - great for photo opportunities.  After the min-tour, you'll make a pit stop at the Chelsea Mega Store for some shopping

After the tour and shopping, you will return to the Museum to enjoy pre-match casual dining and drinks and have a chance to explore the museum full of memorabilia and other cool exhibits.

One hour prior to kick-off, you will be escorted to your seats in the West Stand upper tier one hour to watch the teams warm-up

Overall Impression:
Based on my own experience as an American trying to purchase Premier League tickets, I found it difficult to get an individual ticket to the game I selected, which left me with no other option but to consider a hospitality package.

My first thought was that was just a way for these clubs to get more money out of tourists and visitors, but after this experience and taking in the game, I can honestly say it was well worth the value and money.  Being able to walk through the tunnel and see the field  was a great experience, with the museum tour and food/drink offerings making up for the added cost.

The overall game and experience made up for the added cost of a hospitality package and in my opinion was well worth it to me being a kid who grew up playing soccer and watching on tv!  The amount of passion, pride and excitement at Stamford Bridge was electric and gave me the chills.. I can't imagine the feeling of attending a major game or final here - it would be unreal!

If you're deciding on attending a game and purchasing a hospitality package - do it!!  You won't leave disappointed at all!