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Disney World Character Dining: Tusker House Restaurant at Animal Kingdom

Disney World Character Dining: Tusker House Restaurant at Animal Kingdom

If you're interested in a character dining experience during your next trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, the guide below will help you learn more about the details you'll want to know for character dining at Tusker House Restaurant inside Animal Kingdom.

There are a few different options available for character dining at Disney World that are spread out across the parks and Disney World hotels. The best character dining option for your trip will likely come down to which parks you'll be visiting, which characters you want to see and the type of food you'll want to enjoy during the experience. 

We just returned from a trip to Disney World and enjoyed a lovely character dinner at Tusker House Restaurant located inside Animal Kingdom.

For our dining experience, we enjoyed a character dinner at Tusker House Restaurant on the day we planned on visiting Animal Kingdom.  After a long hot and exhausting day of exploring the park and going on rides, it was nice to have a sit-down table service family style dinner to wind down the long day.  

If you haven't experienced a character dinner here before, I highly recommend visiting Tusker House Restaurant, a colorful restaurant with character.  The theme of the restaurant and port town of Harambe it is located in is amazing, to say the least. 

Once you're seated, you can order drinks (specialty or alcoholic drinks not included in standard price) and dinner will be brought out to you beginning with small bites and salad, the main dinner course and then dessert.  

Everything is served family style and you're more than welcome to order more.  Now through October 31, 2022, this restaurant is offering family-style dining, with the standard buffet experience returning on November 1, 2022.

Tusker House Restaurant

How much does character dining cost at Tusker House Restaurant?

  • Lunch and dinner at Tusker House Restaurant is $55 per adult and $36 per child (Ages 3-9)
  • For our family dinner at Tusekr House Restaurant, the total for 2 adults and 2 kids, when you add taxes, gratuity and two alcoholic drinks, came out to $261.85
  • Your cost may vary slightly, but expect to pay at minimum of $196-$220+, depending on the amount of gratuity and extras you order, assuming a family of four.   

What characters will you see at Tusker House Restaurant?

  • During the course of your dinner, characters will make their way over to your table to sign autographs and take pictures.
  • At Tusker House Restaurant, you will see Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck and Daisy dressed in their safari attire.

What type of food is offered at Tusker House Restaurant? 

  • For character dining at Tusker House Restaurant, breakfast, lunch and  dinner character dining options are available.  
  • For breakfast, munch on favorites like Safari Bread, Mickey and Simba Waffles, and Durban Chicken and Egg Curry with Jasmine Rice. 
  • Lunch and dinner offerings include Moroccan Spiced Beef, Berber Marinated Pork, Spit Roasted Herb Chicken, and Cape Malay Green Curry Shrimp.

  • Younger travelers will find comforting classics like fruit and yogurt for breakfast and mac and cheese for lunch and dinner.
  • For the last course, be sure you save some room for dessert.

Do you need a reservation for character dining at Tusker House Restaurant?

  • To dine at an in-park table-service restaurant, you need a confirmed dining reservation for the total number of guests, regardless of age, plus a park reservation and valid admission for the same park on that same date for each guest ages 3 and up.
  • I recommend making advanced reservations as soon as they are available

Is character dining at Tusker House Restaurant worth the cost?

  • The main reason why I like to book character dining while visiting Disney Parks is for the experience for the kids and being able to meet your favorite Disney characters during the dining experience to save valuable time while in the park for other attractions.  
  • For example, instead of waiting in line to see Mickey Mouse while visiting Disney's Hollywood Studios, you could schedule a Dinner visit to Minnie's Seasonal Dine Dinner at Hollywood & Vine and see him there. 

Overall, I would highly recommend booking at least one character dining experience during your Disney World visit, especially if you have younger kids.  The joy in meeting their favorite characters and being able to interact more with them here, is worth the cost in my opinion.  Plus you'll get to enjoy a nice meal along the way, making for a very memorable experience for everyone.