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Dining with a View at Mama's Fish House

Quite possibly the best restaurant on all of Maui, let alone in Hawaii, Mama's Fish House is a must do when visiting Maui!  The family-owned restaurant has been a island institution since 1973 and its relaxed and casual ambiance is perfect for a romantic dinner or a leisurely lunch.

Here's what you can expect when dining at Mama's Fish House:

Mama's Fish House is constantly rates as being the best restaurant on Maui, one of the best restaurants in the United States and is included on TripAdvisors Top Ten Restaurants, as well as many other top restaurant lists.

In other words, dining here is a treat and the whole experience will be memorable! 

The restaurant is located on Maui's North Shore and features open-air dining with great ocean views.

I highly recommend making reservations in advance, but if you don't make reservations and still want to dine here, we've had luck on two occasions just showing up and being able to get a table.  We did come after lunch, but before dinner, and still did wait almost an hour to be seated, but coming during off-peak times may have helped.  Also, note that parking is valet only, so you don't have to worry about looking for parking here.

Spectacular Oceanfront Views
As you you make your way down to the restaurant, you'll encounter spectacular picturesque ocean views where you can enjoy the coconut tree grove and beach before dining.

Be sure to get a photo in the canoe - it's a great spot to have kids run around while waiting for your table.

Fresh Menu and Great Drinks
Of course, the best thing about Mama’s Fish House is the menu and seafood.  Mama's Fish House is famous for having local fishermen bring their catch directly to the restaurant where it’s processed and served within 24 hours.  You'll know this because the daily menu lists the the names of the fisherman.

After being seated, you'll be treated to a loaf of homemade bread and butter and offered an appetizer of complementary poi. Poi is a traditional Hawaiian dish made from the fermented root of the taro plant.  Pricing at Mama's Fish House is high and every entree we've tried was the best meal we had during that trip to Maui! 

Panang Seafood Curry
Seafood Burger

Fresh Catch

Signature Mai Tai
Overall the most memorable (and most expensive) meal you'll have on Maui will be at Mama's Fish House and in my opinion is worth it!