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Hotel Review: Renaissance Paris Arc de Triomphe

Hotel Review: Renaissance Paris Arc de Triomphe

If you’re planning a trip to Paris and are looking for a great hotel that offers family rooms with a
central Paris location near the sights, the Renaissance Paris Arc de Triomphe is a great choice to
We enjoyed a five night stay here at the Renaissance Paris Arc de Triomphe earlier this year and loved
that the hotel offered family rooms, free buffet breakfast (thanks to Marriott Titanium status) and offered a convenient location for us to be able to explore Paris. For more on our Paris trip, check out our travel itinerary here.

Hotel Overview

Renovated in 2018, the Renaissance Paris Arc de Triomphe Hotel is located in Paris' 17th arrondissement near its namesake the Arc de Triomphe. One thing that is unique to Paris is how it is laid out in arrondissements (neighborhoods), which correspond to an administrative district. You can quickly look up a map of Paris arrondissements and see which sights are located in each to get an idea of the best place to stay for your trip.

The Renaissance Paris Arc de Triomphe Hotel is located near the Arc de Triomphe and short walk away
from the famous Champs Elysees. From its exterior, the hotel features a contemporary new look and
design that is not the typical architecture one may expect when thinking of Paris.


The Renaissance Paris Arc de Triomphe features a nice mix of room options ranging from standard
guest rooms to junior suites and balcony view rooms with views of Paris. The rooms feel spacious, with
a refreshed decor, with some room featuring balconies and terraces overlooking captivating Parisian
monuments such as the Eiffel Tower & the Arc de Triomphe.

For our stay over the Summer, we were in a Family Room that was perfect for us. The room had two
double-double beds that can accommodate up to 4 people. The family rooms feature a small balcony
with a garden view or Avenue de Wagram view located on floors 1 to 6.


When we weren't out exploring Paris, we did like having the option of being able to dine on-site at
Solis Restaurant.

Each morning, we enjoyed a free buffet breakfast at Solis thanks to our Marriott Bonvoy Titanium
status. Breakfast offerings internationally typically are much better than you'll find at US based hotels
and this benefit was no different. The breakfast benefit was very generous based on other hotels we
have stayed at in the past and easily saved us $100 per day.

Outside of breakfast offered at Solis in the morning, you'll find a Mediterranean twist for lunch and
dinner with inspired appetizers, fish/plate of the day, cocktails, and weekend brunch offerings!

Overall Impression

One of the things to consider when traveling in Europe with kids is being able to find hotels that
accommodate up to 4 people in one room or suite. Most hotels max occupancy at 2 or 3 people per
room, even for larger suites sometimes, so it can become very challenging to find a hotel and room
category that will work and not break the bank at the same time. And if you can't find a room for at
least 4 people, then you may end up having to book two rooms (and not break the travel budget) and
hope the hotel offers connecting rooms.

With that in mind and trying to find a suitable location to stay at in Paris, for this trip, we decided to stay stay at the Renaissance Paris Arc de Triomphe Hotel, located near the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Elysees in the 17th Arrondissement.

The boutique style hotel, which offers family rooms with two beds for up to 4 people, sits just a few minutes away from the Charles de Gaulle Etoile RER and Metro station and is easily distinguishable by its unique glass facade on the Avenue de Wagram.

We stayed here for 5 nights, which I think was perfect for exploring the city and still having enough
time in Paris to relax, instead of always feeling like we had to be on the go if we had less days in Paris.

We selected this hotel since we have hotel status (Marriott Bonvoy Titanium) that unlocks extra
benefits/amenities like free breakfast (saved us ~$100+ a day) and since we had lots of Marriott
Bonvoy points that could help cover our entire stay.

I plan on writing more about this in an upcoming post and how we used a lot of Marriott hotel points
to cover a majority of our trips for 2022 and the reasoning behind it.