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Eurostar Standard Premier Review between Paris and London

Eurostar Standard Premier Review between Paris and London

The easiest and most efficient way to get from Paris to London is via Eurostar.  We recently returned from an early Summer trip that started in New York City, before heading over to Paris and London.  We spent five nights in Paris, which gave us four full days to explore the city, before taking the Eurostar train over to London.   

Eurostar Overview

Eurostar is an international high-speed rail service connecting the United Kingdom with France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Most Eurostar trains travel through the Channel Tunnel between the United Kingdom and France.  Eurostar travels through the Channel Tunnel at a speed of 100 mph, and outside the tunnel, trains can reach speeds of 186 mph.

Here are the reasons why Eurostar is the best option for travel from Paris to London:

  •  Eurostar trains are faster than flying. (London to Paris in 2 hours 45 minutes, compared to 4 hours by airplane).
    • Travel from the center of Paris to London city center in 2 hours and 17 minutes
    • Eurostar trains travel from city center to city center, so no more lengthy airport transfers, long check-in/security lines, or roadway speed and traffic limitations. 

  • Compared to plane seating, there's more leg room on Eurostar trains at 37.2 inches versus 34 inches in an airplane seat.
  • Fast and efficient fuss-free security with no restrictions on liquids
  • Spacious comfortable seats (some with tables) that allow you to sit back and relax
  • No weight restrictions on luggage (as long as you can carry your bags and store them safely in the luggage racks onboard.)
  • Three different travel classes available to accommodate all travel styles

There are different ticket options on Eurostar and include Business Premier, Standard Premier and Standard tickets.

  • Business Premier is perfect for luxury seekers and business travelers, with the following perks:
    • Access to the Business Premier lounge (in London, Paris, Ashford, Ebbsfleet, and Brussels). 
    • Fast Track check-in, with an exclusive service desk and gates that close 10 minutes before departure.
    • Three-course meal accompanied by a selection of wine, soft drinks, tea, and coffee.
    • Express breakfast option, giving a lighter, quicker meal for those who want to work most of the journey.
    • Tickets are also fully flexible, exchangeable and refundable. 
  • Standard Premier is perfect for leisure travelers, families and those looking to upgrade for a minimal cost
    • Standard Premier takes typical trail travel a step further in service and style
    • Seating is much more spacious than in Standard Class with three seats across the corridor rather than four and power sockets (UK and continental plugs) at every seat.
    • Passengers receive a light meal served at their seats. 
    • Similar to Standard class, check-in for ticket holders closes 30 minutes before departure. For pass holders and groups, gates close 45 minutes before departure. 
    • Standard Premier passengers can also exchange their tickets for a fee.
  • Standard is perfect for budget travelers, students, and those looking for an economical option.
    • In Standard, travelers can expect smart and easy travel. This is the most economical option, but that doesn’t mean it scrimps on comfort.
    • Standard class ticket holders must check in 30 minutes before departure. Pass holder or group check-in gates close 45 minutes before departure.
    • Standard class passengers can exchange their tickets for a fee.

Everyone, no matter their class, has access to Cafe Metropole, free WiFi, and power outlet at their seats.

Our Experience on Eurostar

We recently returned from a trip to Europe and took Eurostar from Paris Gare du Nord to London St Pancras International.  We booked Standard Premier tickets for this trip and were able to reserve seats around a table, which made it easy to spread out and have space to enjoy the meal served onboard.

If you haven't been to Paris Gare du Nord, I highly recommend securing all personal belongings and luggage before arriving, as there are a lot of people just hanging around the station.  The area is known to have a lot of pickpockets and during our trip, we encountered people trying to sell us souvenirs and assist us into the station, which we adamantly refused.

Onboard the train, placing our luggage on the train car we were in was easy enough, but the luggage space can fill up fast, so I would recommend trying to be one of the first on to the train to get enough space for your luggage.  We reserved a table for four people around a table, which provided enough seating space and table space to enjoy the meal served onboard.  

The train ride from Paris to London was smooth and easy-going with beautiful scenery along the way.  The meal served with a Standard Premier ticket consisted of a small entree, bread, dessert and a drink.

Arriving to London St Pancras International and getting a taxi was hassle free, once we figured out where the taxi line was outside.

If you're a Harry Potter fan, be sure to head over to Platform 9 3/4 for photos and to visit the store there.

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