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Coronavirus Travel Concerns: The Latest Travel Cancellation, Change and Refund Policies

While the world today is clouded in uncertainty, we continue to believe in the allure of travel.  Whether you have an upcoming trip, you've postponed your plans, or you’re thinking about a future journey, it's still okay to dream.  After all, travel enriches life every step of the way, no matter where you are.

Travel provides the joy of dreaming, the excitement of the experience, and a lifetime of memories that grow more valuable each day.  So keep dreaming and when the time is right and when you are ready we'll be here to help.

Coronavirus Travel Concerns
In a recent post, Coronavirus Travel Concerns: What You Need to Know, I discussed some of the implications of COVID-19 to the travel industry, economy and overall public health and how to stay informed on the latest updates via credible sources.

Travel Cancellation, Change and Refund Policies 
Many travel companies have introduced flexible cancellation and re-booking policies and have temporarily suspended or limited their operations.

Find the latest information from the State Department regarding countries with quarantines here and IATA's info on border restrictions here.

The following list and links to supplier pages about bookings, schedules and other Covid-related info concerning cancellation, change and refund policies has been provided by Travel Weekly:
Cruise Lines
Domestic Airlines
International Airlines
Caribbean/Mexico Resorts
River Cruise Lines
Tour Operators
Theme Parks
DISCLAIMER: Please visit your respective travel provider's website for official policies as cancellation, change and refund policies are constantly changing.