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Experience an Interactive Candy Wonderland at Candytopia San Francisco

The wildly popular Candytopia made its debut in San Francisco in September 2018 and was supposed to only be open until the end of November, but has extended its run through the holiday season.  The interactive candy art exhibit features candy and more sweet candy themed exhibits in a maze of fun with treats along the way.

The Instagram friendly, Candytopia San Francisco, will run through January 6, 2019, so if you haven't been yet, get your tickets fast!

Unlike other museums, you're allowed to touch and feel everything during the course of your visit and you're advised to not to taste or lick any of the candy exhibits.  You'll be given plenty of cnady throughout the experience and most of the rooms feature buckets of candy to eat!

Here's what you can expect for your visit:
There are 8 main exhibit areas and a candy shop at the end, but from start to finish your experience will include visits to the following candy attractions:

The first stop as you enter is the main entrance where you can take pictures with the Candytopia signage before being given rules about the experience.

As you wait to enter, you'll encounter 300+ pound red dragon made from over 100,000 pieces of candy.

One nice feature of the main candy art pieces is that you'll see a 'Candy Facts' placard listing how many candies and construction hours it took to make.

Library of Candy
The first main exhibit is a wood-paneled candy library featuring a candy potrait of one of the co-founders of Candytopia, as well as other candy art pieces.  The treat here will descend from one of the decorative clocks that hang from the ceiling.

A candy portrait of Candytopia co-founder Jackie Sorkin features in the Candy Library.

Neon Tunnel
As you exit the Candy Library, you'll descend down a neon-lit escalator to a Candy Wonderland.

The next exhibit features swing sets, a kids slide and other whimsical candy inspired fun things to take pictures with.

Art Gallery
As soon as you're finished playing in the wonderland full of candy, you'll make your way into an Art Gallery, featuring candy made portraits of celebrities, singers and other famous people and art.

Play Room
Next up is a play room featuring giant pink and blue beach balls set among the clouds, a rainbow-colored optical illusion area room and other wall art pieces.

Under the sea
Take trip under the sea for an underwater adventure with sharks, a diver and mermaids.

Unicorn and Flying Pigs Rainbow Room
The next exhibit features unicorns, flying pigs and confetti everywhere and will likely be one of the most fun room for little kids.

Marshmallow Pit and See-Saw
Similar to the sprinkles room at the Museum of Ice Cream, Candytopia features a Marshmellow Pit, made of foam and not real sugar.  Everyone is allowed 7 minutes in the pit before beeng able to hop on a large Golden Gate Bridge see-saw

As you make your way out of the exhibit area and back up a neon-lit escalator, you'll make a stop off in a candy gift shop, where you can purchase souvenirs, small trinkets and more candy if you didn't get enough of a sugar rush yet.

The 16,000-square foot space is located on Market Street, right across from the Museum of Ice Cream and next to the Four Seasons Hotel.

The museum is open every day and advance tickets are required.  Tickets must be purchased in advance for specific time slots online and are not transferable. Tickets cost $34 for Adults and $26 for kids ages 4-12.

Overall, we had a great time at Candytopia and enjoyed all of the tasty treats.  It took us a little over an hour to get through all of the exhibits and after we were done, it was a quick walk to Union Square and our hotel in SoMa.

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